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maintaining biodiversity within aquarium kept killies

I know that constantly breeding captive killlies, both estuarine and freshwater, will dilute the gene pool.  That's why I keep going back to field collecting to keep the gene pool diverse.  But, then, I am dealing almost exclusively with estuarine killifish and freshwater killifish.  But I would like to get some breeding pairs of rainwater killies.  I now have two pairs of Gulf killies that can be acclimated to freshwater with a little effort.  Many and even, most, of the estuarine killifish can be acclimated to freshwater with a little time and effort.  We've had our striped killifish in <.05ppt water and they seem to do quite well.  I know I've collected rainwater killifish in freshwater creeks off of the St. Johns River, but at that time I wasn't set up to maintain them in tanks; now I am, but don't have any of this species.

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