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Sony D770 on e-bay

An inexperienced seller has lumped way too many goodies in one ad on 
e-bay, so a potential bargain is hovering there. Check out:


[Get that URL all back on one line if your e-mail splits it.]

Everything one might need for good fish photography and for fish field 
work is here in one package. [I might add a cheap hot-shoe extension 
cable for the flash, a tripod and some CF memory.]

With less than a day left to go, the current bid is less than what I had 
to spend on just the accessories that I have, similar to this ad. [I 
still don't have the external flash battery, either. Wish I did]

A 2X tele-extender is great for field work (I rarely remove mine -- 1.5X 
-- in the desert) and the close-up lenses let you do better macros than 
a Nikon 99x.

The flash is generally accepted as the best for the D770, and the other 
filters are useful (tho *circular* polarizer is not really needed -- 
linear works fine).

IMO, this is potentially a nice deal for someone who wants to get into 
serious digital fish photography for less than $1000 in equipment. use 
good judgement tho. It looks a possible bargain because the seller is a 
novice. IDK if that is good or bad. :-)

The camera can be obtained for $500 or less, but price the accessories 
and see what they would add. For fish photos you need a good flash, more 
memory (than original 8M) and (probably) close-up lens set. You also 
must have a UV or daylight filter to protect your lens. Polarizer is 
vital for outdoor water shots.


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