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Re: off topic - rare anabantoids

In a message dated Thu, 11 Jul 2002 10:03:35 AM Eastern Standard Time, Christopher.W.Vasold at jci_com writes:

> www.geocities.com/iaa_betta. This is a terrific
> > group, quite small, but a huge source of information and rare fishes. -
> Bob G.
> The question is, did you actually order fish from this site or use it for
> reference? I did not see anyplace to order fish on this 
> site.

Fish are only available to members who must agree to provide offspring back to the IAA for distribution to other members. I am a member and have gotten several species from IAA, and returned offspring from several of them. We do not distribute fishes outside the IAA except under special circumstances, and these must be reported. - Bob G.    

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