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> Hi to All,
> The next meeting of the Chicago Killifish Association will be held at the
> College of DuPage at 7:30 P.M. on Friday, July 12th.  It will be held in
> room 128D of the Open Campus Center.  Please park in lot 10.  It is
> located on the Northwest side of the campus.
> *** This meeting will feature a round-table discussion of both Fish Room
> Gadgets and Household Items Useful In The Fish Room.. ***
>                                                    ---All are welcome to
> participate and contribute!---
> Try to bring potential members along-someone that we might interest in our
> great hobby.
> Our Spring Show for 2002 was officially cancelled.
> For 2003, a Spring Show date of either March 29th or April 5th, 2003 has
> been selected.  Easter is April 20th, 2003.  Ken Mysliwiec [aka Magilla]
> will be the Show Chairman for the 2003 Spring Show. 
> Another late news flash!  George Fryk picked up several frozen foods
> (blood worms, brine shrimp etc.) at the pet show last month. They will be
> auctioned off at the CKA meeting, All proceeds go to the CKA. A few boxes
> and cold packs will be available on loan. Interested parties might want to
> bring a small cooler with them to the meeting. 
> Hawaii's Mach Fukada mailed out a box for our meeting Saturday morning. It
> will contain a number of Moina bags. Also included will be some Elassoma
> zonatus youngsters (unsexed), 2 trios of P. signifer Ross River
> /Townsville and three (probably a trio) of the longfinned white clouds. 
> Who gets the P. signifer (dwarf rainbows) needs to know that they are in
> 50% seawater (16 ppt). They are the long fin population of signifer and
> need the warm, brackish or even marine conditions to do well and show
> color. 
> Mach by the way is looking for a male Diapteron abacinicum. If anyone can
> help him, it would be terrific.
> Remember, the auction supports the Club, so please make sure to bring
> something for the auction:  killifish, plants, food cultures or spare
> equipment.  
> For detailed driving directions see the following web page:
> http://www.aka.org/AKA/Clubs/ClubPages/CHIKA/ChiKA.htm
> Thanks,
> mike stoecker
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