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Re: Mike Reed

Mike Reed's website:

My opinion (apply with salt):
I've used both the powder and granulate No-BS fry food. I was 
impressed with both. My amieti grew to 5cm (2 inches) in 2 months 
being fed for the last 6 weeks on the No-BS granulate only. They were 
full colour.
The powder No-BS was offerred to some newly hatched Aphyobranchius 
geminus (aka sp. Ifakara) and was taken without hesitation. The 
powder has also been offerred to baby 'bows and various killies and 
tanganyikan cichlids without problems.

Any problems with Mike Reed personally? No... but then again he is 
looking for a South African agent for his food.


Tyrone Genade
tgenade at sun_ac.za

P450 Lab, Biochemistry Department
University of Stellenbosch, 7602, South Africa
Ph: +27-021-808-5876, fax: +27-021-808-5863

"Seek your happiness in the Lord."
                  Psalms 37:4
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