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Re: off topic - rare anabantoids

Low Cost Equipment Project wrote:

> --- Wright Huntley <jwwiii at pacbell_net> wrote:
> [snip] 
>>Worked for me, but they are using a bizarre,
>>non-standard html, I think. 
>>  The buttons are not readable, and the whole page
>>has problems in 
>>Netscrape 6.x. [Sorry, that's no where near enough
>>to get me to use IE 
> Opera works fine with that page, Mozilla behaves as
> you describe for N6, seems to be a javascript problem.

Aha! Very likely. HTML has become reasonably standard in recent years.

> Either way it's a nice site. I believe I read in this
> list that bettas ocuppy similar e-niches (TM) as
> killies.

Correct. That's why many of us keep them with our killies.

My individual way of looking at it is that they are mostly puddle fish 
that are well suited to confined-space husbandry, and fun to watch and 
care for.

The peaceful little red Bettas (burdigala, tussyae, etc.) are delightful 
tank fishes.

In SE Asia, the anabantoids fill the same niche that killies do in the 
Americas, Africa and Eurasia.

Rainbows fill it in Australia/N. Guinea (particularly the Blue-Eyes), 
and are also popular with killifolk. There are some minnows and others, 
such as the Medakas, of the Silversides family, that also fit. [They are 
nearly indistinguishable from some Lampeyes, for example.]

Is there any law that says we may only like fish if they are true, 
certified egg-laying toothed carps? :-)

Just my personal US$0.02,


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