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Re: history of killies

susanne cole wrote:

> I looked there but I couldn't find much.
> Eric

Interesting. The history of killifish is the history of the hobby. Did 
you miss the great 30-year-old note by Al Klee at

http://www.aka.org/AKA/klee_history.html ?

For husbandry and a description of the kinds of killies, it's hard to 
beat the on-line beginners guide:

http://www.aka.org/AKA/beginner/begin.htm .

Was the (yes, it's not finished) section on killifish genera not useful?


It seems difficult, for me, to go there and *not* find much. :-) Maybe 
I'm more used to plowing through web-site menus, or something. I didn't 
list the excellent local web sites that are available from the 
affiliates pages and still others from the links page. Please give it 
another shot, Eric. It's there, I think.

There are many years of the JAKA being converted to CD (DVD?) that will 
have way more than you will ever want, but borrow a few back issues from 
an older member to see how much the hobby has been documented. No way it 
*all* fits on a web site.


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