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Re: powdering food for fry

Dennis wrote:
It was useful to read the information about the product and adapt the
method for my own use. I currently use a spice/coffee grinder to pulverize
whatever type of pellet food I'm feeding the adults. Then I take a pinch
and rub it lightly between my fingers, letting the larger pieces drop back
into the container. The fine dust that adheres to my fingers is then
dusted onto the surface for small, surface feeding fry (Epiplatys and
White Clouds, currently). This is a fast way to get in an extra feeding
each day with little chance of FFS (fuzzy food syndrome, when the excess
lays on the bottom) due to the small quantity of food actually used.
Actually dipping your finger in the water to submerge the particles
probably works well for fry that are lower in the water column, but I
have only used that for Xenopus tadpoles.

I have used a toothpick to feed tiny amounts to small fish in small tanks:
dip the toothpick into the tank to get it damp, dip into the small flakes
or powder, dip back into the tank.  Then let it dry between uses.  I woiuld
reuse it for several weeks to a month or more--as long as it you get all
the powdered/flaked food off it and let it dry between uses, it won't mold
or rot.  And it keeps your hands clean.

Diane Brown, MD, PhD
Fellow in Pediatric Rheumatology and Immunology
St. Louis Children's Hospital
brown_d at kids_wustl.edu

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