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Re: Gene pools.

In a message dated Tue, 9 Jul 2002 4:57:13 PM Eastern Standard Time, listhub at andante_mn.org writes:

> However, note that this is the number of mutant alleles is in a wild
> population.  This is a slight difference that the multiple inbred lines that we
> are often faced with in the hobby.  Often, the entire gene pool we are working
> with came from a few fish in a given location/collection 
> inbred through 20, 30
> generations.  Sightly different then a wild population
> john

In captive inbred populations, we could just as well be eliminating lethals as concentrating them. I suppose that's the next step, comparing the rate of lethal combinations in long-term captive populations to wild populations. There may be no consistency at all.


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