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Re: Flake food (Plankton Gold Flake) from Brine Shrimp Direct

In a message dated 7/9/02 12:37:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
dwake at iopener_net writes:

<< Have you tried Mike Reed`s No BS fry food? So much of our food is Brine 
Shrimp based and I think we should give them a little bit of something else.  

I have been using a number of flake foods I order from Aquatic Ecosystems.  
The Krill / shrimp / spirulina flake and the earthworm flake go over very 

I was thinking of trying Mike Reed's foods, and subscribed to his newsletter. 
 However, when I responsed to a survey and provided a list of the foods I 
used, his rather arrogant response and general tone made me decide not to 
bother trying his rather highly priced foods.

Larry Tagrin
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