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A thank you to Exclusively Killies

Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful time at the meeting tonight.  Gary Darr, Al Anderson, and all the other Exclusively Killies people.  You may be exclusive to Killifish, but you made a newbie to the world of Killifish feel right at home. After the meet I ran home to set up my 6 new breeder tanks, and prep the new live food cultures Al gave me so my poor fish were not restricted to ghetto flake anymore.   Gary, Thanx for the ride up and the two pair of Aphyosemion Ogoense Ottogartneri RPC 169 to start my collection.   Although my wife may learn to hate you all as my collection grows on what I hope will be a long, fruitful hobby (Addiction).  I wanted to say thank you forpointing out some of the flaws in my budding store of knowledge and pointing mein the correct direction. P.S.  Nice collection of Water Lettuce Al !!   ;-P

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