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> > AAAHhhh! It's a population explosion! A few weeks
> > ago I noticed my fp. gardneri nsukka's had a lot of
> fry in their tank.
David Ramsey said ...
> Congratulations. This is perfectly normal. IF you will
> carefully keep removing the fry and putting in new
> tanks (go quickly and purchase more), they will
> continue this almost non-stop

Actually this is perfectly normal for David's gardneri because he takes
great care of his killies (frequent feeding, frequent partial water changes
...). So it is also a high compliment to you too! :)

Just think what they night do in a tank with a lot of plants for the fry to
hide in and forage from?

If adult killies in a single species tank have plenty of other good food
items, they will leave (at least some of) the fry alone. Really hungry fry
can be cannibalistic BTW.

Gardneri are among the best "behaved" killies this way. That is one of the
reasons that they have been nicknamed the "guppy of the killies".

I think it was Robert Ellerman who observed that when the first strains of
gardneri came into the killie hobby (miss-named but that was figured out) in
the late '50s, the hobby really took off.

Because there are so many wonderful strains of gardneri (each one prettier
than the one before) it is important to keep them separated. Just in case
you swap some  gar. Nsukka for another strain.  ;)

All the best!


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