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Re: Off topic - mosquito legends


I have told this story several times with varied responses. There is a
community in Louisiana in/on the Gulf which is called Grand Isle. Which
is not grand and is also not an isle (confusing nes pas). Many years ago
when I was  teenager, I was part of a group who went there to do some
native fish collecting.

In order to get a decent start on collecting,
the party stayed in a motel. We were advised by the locals NOT to answer
any knocks on our door at night before checking on who was knocking.

Well about 1:30 am there were several
loud knocks and before opening the door, I looked through the window
next to the door and much to my amazement there were two very large 6'
mosquitos arguing about whether or not to eat us there or take us home
and share. Quite sobering !

Stories like these are probably how the vampire legends began,
especially in South Louisiana, where we have our own "local" legend
concerning shape changers 
aka werewolves.....here we call them loup garou. They growl with a cajun
accent. I guarantee !


Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler'

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