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Re: Outdoor solutions - OT

I remember being deep in the Quetico as a young boy on a canoeing
outfitters trip.  Someone must have been culturing mosquitos from the
darkest pit of hell, because I was impaled many times.  The only
preventative was an oil type insecticide, I can't remember the name of it
but it is similar to the stuff used in Vietnam during the war (usually
tucked under the camo-cover-strap in their "piss pots".  

Those Mosquitos were incredibly huge and harry, and I think one of them
even had a "Mom" tatoo on one of his arms!, I saw it as he was carrying
off a rather large alligator snapping turtle.


KillieTalk at AKA_Org writes:
>This is particularly a 
>good idea on fish lists, so we don't advise an outdoor solution to 
>someone we didn't know was in Canada or worse.

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