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Re: including text

Haahhahaaa...kind of like Al Anderson's occaisional, cryptic blurbs?


KillieTalk at AKA_Org writes:
>Such messages are sort of confusing on a list, Bevan, because we have no 
>way of telling what they are all about. It would be a courtesy to us 
>all, if you would activate the quote feature of your e-mail editor and 
>include just enough of the previous message so we can figure what's 
>happening -- particularly whom you are answering.
>I think that problem may be what prompted Lee's request in an earlier 
>posting under this same thread. No way to really tell, tho. When we 
>receive several hundred notes a day, they become a confusing blur if you 
>don't give us *some* context right in your message.

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