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Hello List,

AAAHhhh! It's a population explosion! A few weeks ago I noticed my fp. 
gardneri nsukka's had a lot of fry in their tank (well, I don't know if 
you call 15 a lot, but for a 2 gal tank I thought it was reasonable). So 
I took them out and put them in my 5 gal fry tank all 15 of them (note 
this was about 2 weeks after discovering them because I needed to 
further ready the fry tank). The next day (today) there were 8 more, and 
now 4 hours laters I've found 10 again although the tank (I surely 
thought) was completely empty 4 hours earlier! So, my question to you 
is, Is this natural?!? The breeding tank is only a 2 gal hex with an 
undergravel filter, a small piece of driftwood (to lower the ph) and a 
spawning mop. HELP! thanks a lot



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