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July ARK Meeting

The Arizona Rivulin Keepers (ARK) will have their monthly meeting on
Saturday, July 13th.  We welcome any and all visitors.  Meetings are free.
Starting time is 6:30 PM at the Round Table Pizza on the northwest corner of
Ray and Rural Roads in south Tempe.  Check our website at
http://ark.killi.net for directions.

The program is expected to be a videotape of Dr. Paul Loiselle's program on
Pachypanchax from the 2002 West Coast Weekend.  Dr. Loiselle discusses the
status of the described species as well as several new populations that may
be new species.

As usual, we will feature an auction.  Any killies, unusual small fish,
aquatic plants, and live food cultures are welcome.  70% of the sales price
will go to the person entering the item.  The auction is open to the public.

Our July Sponsor of the Month is KENT MARINE.  They manufacture quality
aquarium products. Check their link on our website.

If you are in the Phoenix area next weekend, plan to attend our meeting.
We'd enjoy greeting you.

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