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Najas (was Re: fry plants)

Scott Davis wrote:


 > Floating around a lot of the fish clubs is Najas guadalupensis,
 > usually just called "nayas" or mispronounced "najas".

Uh, well, maybe. The pronunciation of all such names, particularly 
generic, follows the latin rules, I think, unless they are adapted from 
a proper name. Thus it is neither "Nahas" (common around here) or
"Nayas." I believe it should be pronounced as "Najas," with the flat
Latin "a" as in "Aphyosemion," but the soft "g" sound of the "j."

 > It is a veritable weed. Get some if you can. It only does so-so in
 > soft water, but is great for hard and neutral water.

Two added points to Scott's good ones. It is terribly brittle, so
doesn't much like to be crushed when shipped, and it needs a *lot* of 
light to do its best (i.e., take over all swimming space quickly).

BTW, there are several *Najas* species in aquaria, but I believe the 
*guadalupensis* (pronounced "huadalupensis," since that *is* a proper 
name :-)) is the one we have most of around here.


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