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Re: fry plants

Thanks for the tip. One more question. I have seen "clumps" of java moss 
for sale in a pet store. Are there java moss plants? or do you just have 
to keep buying more? if so, how often should it be replaced? thanks.


BizEcology at aol_com wrote:

>Java Moss is a hardy, shade-tolerant plant that I keep (at least a little 
>bit) with all my fry.  If you have enough light, Riccia is also a nice plant.
>I also keep duckweed in my fry tanks, but that's more for water conditioning 
>than anything else.
><<** Larry **>>
>In a message dated 7/6/02 2:50:50 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
>hascallk at pacbell_net writes:
><< I have both some a. australe and fp. nsukka fry in 2 seperate tanks. 
> what plants would you all reccommend putting in there to help produce 
> those essential microscopic animals? I do already have some red ramshorn 
> snails in with them. Hopefully, I can get to the local pet store today 
> to pick up something. Thanks >>
>Larry Tagrin
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