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Re: Brine shrimp hatching

That was a message from our esteemed chairman, Dave Koran. If it said that 
it was sent via me (the list owner), then it was probably posted from an 
address that the sender has not subscribed. Some people have more than one 
email address. Please use the address that is subbed to the list to send 
messages or they bounce to me. When I forward them, I cannot change the 
sender, although I do usually change the subject. All that is unnecessary 
work, which distracts me from more productive things I could be doing on 
the web site, or even working with my fish.

We can probably let this one drop now.


At 10:08 AM 7/6/2002 -0400, you wrote:

>In a message dated 7/6/02 9:35:11 AM, MotomanBarton at aol_com writes:
><< hows that? Should i leave more? >>
>That's fine. The earlier message I was questioning came via the Killietalk
>owner and was not signed. Here is more of the text:
>"Robert Ellerman hits it right on as this question again arises about brine
>shrimp (BS??).  In 30 years of hatching about a tenth to a quarter cup of
>brine shrimp cysts a day (yes more than a pound of eggs a month) you must
>circulate the water.  In bubbling air through the water you also enhance the
>oxygen exchange by renewing surface for gas exchange and enhance the ability
>of the hatch solution to sustain live newly hatched shrimp.  And since the
>newly hatched shrimp don't molt for several hours after hatching and don't
>eat during this period, all you want to do is keep 'em alive until they are
>fed to your fish.
>Lee Harper
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