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Information on estuarine killies

My research team at the University of North Florida Coastal Fisheries Lab is studying the behavioral ecology of both the longnose killifish ( F. similius) and the striped killi ( F. majalis).  Currently, we are studying substrate preferences, species interactions, and agonistic/flight/hide responses to other species of killies and other juvenile estuarine species, like jacks and pompanos.  Do any of you know of any publications or "word of mouth" information on the behavioral ecology or either of these two species?  I find a lot of info on aquarium maintenance and feeding of the striped killi, but almost nothing on the longnose killifish.  I know that many fisheries taxonomists consider the longnose to be just a morphological variant of the striped; but the individuals that we are collecting from the Matanzas Inlet in Florida do show distinct morphological differences and very different behavioral differences.  Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.  

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