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Re: Brine shrimp hatching

Hi Bevan, here I go complaining again. :-)

MotomanBarton at aol_com wrote:

> If this is from a couple weeks ago it was me. I asked the question and thanks 
> for the help.
>      Bevan

Such messages are sort of confusing on a list, Bevan, because we have no 
way of telling what they are all about. It would be a courtesy to us 
all, if you would activate the quote feature of your e-mail editor and 
include just enough of the previous message so we can figure what's 
happening -- particularly whom you are answering.

I think that problem may be what prompted Lee's request in an earlier 
posting under this same thread. No way to really tell, tho. When we 
receive several hundred notes a day, they become a confusing blur if you 
don't give us *some* context right in your message.



PS. I second Lee's complaint about missing signatures (Bevan isn't 
guilty, BTW). It is good netequette to include an approximate location 
as well as some ID of who the sender really is. This is particularly a 
good idea on fish lists, so we don't advise an outdoor solution to 
someone we didn't know was in Canada or worse. All editors do this 
automatically, if you set them to do so. That's how I get to bore you 
with my politically incorrect sayings. <VBG>

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