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Re: leaches & plants

Scott Davis wrote:

> > I am not aware that any killies will consume leaches.  Perhaps some of the
> > bigger natives might.
> A number of bigger killies will snarf down the leaches that sometimes come
> in with blackworms. (There's the old adage - if it can fit in some fish's
> mouth it will.)

Precisely.  Especially baby leeches.

> One wonders if feeding leaches that have been drawing blood from fishes,
> assuming that something will eat them, is a good idea if there is some
> remote possibility of disease transfer. Never mind the inefficient hassel of
> raising them.

Don't know how efficiently they can be raised.  But, your comment about passing
fish blood back to the fish is well taken.  But, the idea is to not let the
leeches dine on the fish in the first place.

> My bride has been puzzled by my recent eagerness to go shopping with her to
> housewear stores. All I can find (under 10 dollars) is a canister device
> which would probably do a good job dicing veggies for a salad, but I don't
> know about worms...

Two suggestions.  Try the 'dollar' store.  They have all kinds of odd-ball
gadgets.  The other end of the spectrum might be productive as well......the
upscale kitchen store.  We have one in our humble little city.  So, I'm sure you
will find one in yours. <g>

> Thanks and all the best,
> the other Scott

the left

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