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Egg bound female Notho

Hi - The question comes at a very ironic time, just last night I did a post on one of my Notho females that died and it turned out that she was egg bound. In this particular case this was a mature female that was in a tank with several other females and no males. I have seen the condition before, but I don't have a good suggestion as to how to avoid it. I suspect that it is most common in older females that haven't been with a male, but this may not be the only factor involved. I suspect that nutrition is probably not a factor, since it rarely involves more than one female in a group. To say that it is caused by inbreeding is a safe answer. All of these Nothos, with the possible exception of wild caught fish, are probably inbred to a fairly high degree, but that doesn't necessarily mean that this is the correct answer. My big concern hear is whether or not you are correct that the female is egg-bound. Microsporidia (Gluea) is rather widespread in Nothos and at a point the females can look like they are egg-bound. This would be rather serious from the standpoint that all your fish could be infected. I would be very careful with this fish and if she dies make sure that this is eggbinding and not something else.
Regards, Dan Nielsen

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