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Re: Storing leftover silicone sealant

Dennis W Heltzel wrote:

> That's some great information. I had secretly wondered about inverting the
> tube in a container of water to exclude air, but that obviosly won't work
> (unless I want a hunk of cured silicon in the shape of a tube). I was
> working on the assumption that the acetic acid was evaporating and that I
> needed to stop the evaporation. 

My understanding is that the acetic acid is evolved as a consequence of 
the hardening (polymerization) and has no real causal relationship to it.

> Knowing that water is the critical factor,
> it seems like I should not be storing the silicon in my fishroom at all.
> One reply mentioned keeping it in the fridge or freezer. Is there any
> negative effect of storing it long-term in a freezer ? That would seem to
> be the driest place in terms of chemically active water.

Freezing is rarely good for materials you later want to undergo 
polymerization, so I would be suspicious of it. YMMV and I haven't tried 
it. I have stored fancier silicones in the refrigerator as that does 
seem to extend their useful life. Some clear potting compounds are too 
expensive to just waste (unless you are using our taxpayer dollars, of 

> I might also try a heavy plastic bag with some desicant packets, now that
> I know who the enemy is.

What is wrong with the original packaging? It was designed to be a 
moisture barrier.

> Thanks everyone for the info and ideas !!
> I wonder if there is any subject so arcane that no one on killitalk would
> have an idea or opinion ?

How about a really precise definition of the meaning of 
hyperpolysyllabicsesquedallianistic, and is that the correct spelling?


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