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Re: Storing leftover silicone sealant

That's some great information. I had secretly wondered about inverting the
tube in a container of water to exclude air, but that obviosly won't work
(unless I want a hunk of cured silicon in the shape of a tube). I was
working on the assumption that the acetic acid was evaporating and that I
needed to stop the evaporation. Knowing that water is the critical factor,
it seems like I should not be storing the silicon in my fishroom at all.
One reply mentioned keeping it in the fridge or freezer. Is there any
negative effect of storing it long-term in a freezer ? That would seem to
be the driest place in terms of chemically active water.

I might also try a heavy plastic bag with some desicant packets, now that
I know who the enemy is.

Thanks everyone for the info and ideas !!

I wonder if there is any subject so arcane that no one on killitalk would
have an idea or opinion ?


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