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Re: leaches & plants

> I am not aware that any killies will consume leaches.  Perhaps some of the
> bigger natives might.

A number of bigger killies will snarf down the leaches that sometimes come
in with blackworms. (There's the old adage - if it can fit in some fish's
mouth it will.)

 Some people have guessed that that particular species seems to be something
of a specialist on the blackworms.

One wonders if feeding leaches that have been drawing blood from fishes,
assuming that something will eat them, is a good idea if there is some
remote possibility of disease transfer. Never mind the inefficient hassel of
raising them.

There are a lot of nutritious worms from other sources. At the least, if one
wants a lot of worms, look in the phone book for bait dealers or worm farms.
My favorite local one was a worm ranch. And no, it wasn't what I expected.
With the current weather which is blistering the Midwest US, cash and carry
(in a car with air conditioning or at least an ice chest) might be a better
option than the mail.

On a related subject, several years ago,  while speaking at a Michiana
Killie Karnival, Rosario LaCorte mentioned using a multi-bladed vegetable
dicer he used to cleanly cut up blackworms so they were the right size for
smaller killies.

My bride has been puzzled by my recent eagerness to go shopping with her to
housewear stores. All I can find (under 10 dollars) is a canister device
which would probably do a good job dicing veggies for a salad, but I don't
know about worms...

Thanks and all the best,

the other Scott

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