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CKC Show

Although we will send out more specific thanks to the actual participants
in the near future, I wanted to send a generic thanks to the list.

We here in Colorado just had our first Killie Show this weekend.  The
generosity of you guys out there was amazing. We had 70 entries overall ,41
pairs  that made it through US Mail alive. Our friends at the Post Office
did "cook" a number of pairs in overheated delivery trucks and 95 degree
weather, otherwise we might  have hit 80 entries.  We had to order
additional tanks on Thursday evening to handle them all. We really hadn't
expected such generosity.  We had a great mix of fish sent in, from a
ustrale to xiphidius. (No-one brought zebrinus to make it A to Z). We did
collect some zebrinus in Cherry Creek Reservoir on Friday morning.

Everyone had a great time and Nevin Aspinwall gave us a great program on
collecting in Cameroon. Interest from non-killie, general aquarium society
members kept the auction prices up well above  what our "cheap" little
group usually pays and we may even break even on the weekend.  Heiko
Bleher, brought in by the Colorado Aquarium Society for the weekend, went
on-and -on for 6 hours giving us his entire life
history......zzzzzzzzzzzz......... Didn't show one picture of a killie.

Everyone pitched in and we all actually enjoyed ourselves. Pretty sure
we'll do it again in future years.

We'll get the results posted soon. As of this morning,  the computers at
home haven't even been brought in from the back of the Durango yet,

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