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Re: Green Water -- was -- Re:daphnia

> Has anyone tried a simple inorganic fertilizer such as used for
> hydroponics? What about compost? manure? I don't think we need to
> experiment with any furry animals while there are perfectly good
> alternatives.

Yup. I've got a nice green water culture going in the basement, fertilized
periodically with small amounts of goat manure and grass clippings or
lettuce leaves. There is a whole ecosystem mutating in the tank--plenty of
daphnia, some ostracods, threadlike white worms (NOT leaches, I do know the
difference), and probably other stuff that I haven't seen yet. Lights are on
16 hours a day.

I, too would rather not intentionally use furry live animals--rats and mice
are too nice as pets (and far smarter than hamsters and guinea pigs).


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