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RE: Using RO water and boiled Peat Moss

Hi Monty,
Adjusting pH.  That answered the question, thanks.

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> Subject:	Using RO water and boiled Peat Moss
>                 Hi Mike!
>              I am unsure of what exactly your question is.
>            Do you want to know how I adjust the PH or how
>            I breed killies or what?
>            If it is how I adjust the PH, I use boiled, drained
>             Canadian peat moss. I take a batch from a standard
>             bale of peat moss purchased at the local hardware/
>             garden store. I boil it in a stainless pot for ten
>             minutes after the water starts to boil. I use a coarse
>             weave net to remove the peat and I discard the water
>             and the fine peat in it. I start with clean water and
>             add the strained peat from the first boil. I repeat
>             this a third time except when the mixture has boiled
>             for ten minutes the third time, I turn the stove  off
>             and let the mixture cool a little. I then use the same
>             net and put the still warm/hot peat in a small tub
>             and cover it. It will last a long time in the tub ( many
>             months up to a couple of years). It is always damp
>             and ready to use as long as you keep it covered.and
>            I use small amounts of this peat for breeding set-ups
>             of peat spawners as well as a small amount in a box
>             filter to gently lower the ph. I remove the peat if the
>             ph drops too far, but if you use a small amount it
>             usually isn't a problem. The amount varies depending
>             on your water, so a little trial & error is indicated
>             to gain the experience necessary to do this on the fly.
>            The main concern is to keep the water clean by water
>             changes. Whenever I have had a problem with any
>             fish, the main cause is usually what I see when I look
>             in a mirror. It is me not doing the water changes, not
>             feeding the right foods or something else. Most killies
>             ( and other types of fish) will breed for you if you
>             will learn a little about them and then give them
>             tank conditions that they are comfortable with.
>             Does this answer your question?
>                                Monty
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