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Re: RE: Lampeyes

Brian wrote:
>>...and I suspect most of them have washed into, or migrated into, the Notho habitat during the height of the rainy season and subsequently become trapped there.<<

Hmm...  I was under the belief (I don't recall if it was something I read or if I just assmed it) that notho's bright coloration was in part because of the turbid water.  That it helped females identify males for spawning.  

Lampeyes, with a much more subtle coloration, would be at a disadvantage in such waters if my reasoning is valid.  Their coloration takes advantage of reflected light to produce their irridecence.  

I know. I know. All color is reflected light.  But the notho's pigmentation would stand out better in low light situations than a Lampeye.  But then, I'm not a female notho or lampeye, so how would I know what they're attracted too. ;-)

Bill Vannerson
McHenry, IL

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