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Aplocheilichthys bukobanus

> 4. Aply. bukobanus is a gorgeous little fish and my personal favorite of
> the lampeyes. We have introduced various populations of this species into
> the hobby from both Uganda and Tanzania but few have survived more than a
> few years. Our TAN 93/5 and UG 90/12 populations may still be around but,
> so, would certainly be uncommon. The former had brilliant red-orange fins
> when we collected it but that soon changed to the normal coloration while
> the bags in the field and later in aquaria.

Sorry if this subject has been talked to death, but why do these fish lose
this natural coloration after capture? If it were a water chemistry
response, why would they lose the color in the bags when (presumably) they
are still in their home water? If it were a nutrition response, then it
would take several feedings of non native foods to cause them to pale out.
Is the color scared out of them? ;)  You made a similar comment about
Hypsopanchax modestus, I believe.


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Metroserv, Inc.
Tigard, OR

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