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Re: apology (egg shipping)-details

I learned a few things but don't yet know if the shipment will be
successful.  First, a plastic(mickey mouse-disney) thermos is apparently
good for keeping things cold but not warm.  The max temp in the outer box
was 82.3 deg F and the max temp in the bottle was 73- almost a 10 degree F
delta.  The min temperatures were 59 outside the bottle and 61 inside the
bottle.  These tempewratures were measured by a max/min-inside-outside
electronic thermometer, available in several versions from Radioshack for
$12 to $19(accuracy-about +- 2 deg F).  I'm hoping that the eggs will  have
survived 2 weeks in transit in small poly bags in wet peat fiber under these
conditions. All are "non annual" killies so an "honest" diapause was not in
effect as can help annuals survive adverse conditions, but we all know
killies are real survivors.  Some egg bags were inside the thermos and
others outside.  None have hatched yet but I put all into water(tank water
with a sprig of java moss in plastic shoeboxes) last Saturday when received.
I don't know if any or all of the eggs were "eyed up" prior to packing but
the last time I got eggs that hatched this way was last September and they
took 3 to 4 weeks after reciept to do so.  My eyes at 57 are not great so I
really can't see the eggs except for a few which did die(turned to brown
mush).  Saw only a few last September but got a good hatch.

The thermos might be a good bet for summer shipments to a hot place, even
more than a winter shipment.  I will write again in a few weeks or if and
when I see some activity in the eggs(hatching I hope!)

Bill Shenefelt

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