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Re: nothos

>julian haffegee wrote:
>> ... Does this mean if he spawns now, he
>> will pass on a red tailed or a yellow tailed trait?
>It's not always that simple. In *Betta splendens* the yellow fish are reds
>that also carry a "not-red" gene. It sounds like this may be true of the
>*patrizi* from the reports here. Later in life, the "not-red" gene weakens
>or turns off?
I think the short answer is that the fry will carry the "be yellow, but
turn red when not dominated by another male" trait.  Probably there are
pigment genes, switches and some sort of hormonal regulation of the
switches.  Thus, although it has genetic control, it is not fixed for an
individual, or at least not *determined* for an individual before one knows
the environmental conditions of development.  It's a pretty common
phenomenon known in technical circles as "phenotypic plasticity".


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