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Re: Hatching eggs

On a related note, I have some F. gardneri 'Rayfield' eggs that are
several weeks old. A few have eyed-up, but most are still clear. I
remember reading a while back that this strain needs to be incubated over
peat. Other F. gardneri I've raised never needed that, and it is more
bother. Does anyone have any experiences with 'Rayfield' that they can
share ?


On Tue, 22 Feb 2000 LeeH920226 at aol_com wrote:
 > In a message dated 2/22/2000 11:29:58 AM, BPrat24977 at aol_com writes:
 > << am I just being impatient. >>
 > I think so, at those temperatures. If you want to be a little aggressive 
 > them to a slightly warmer place (maybe 75 degrees). If they are already
 > "eyed" up they will hatch soon thereafter. If not, it will speed up the
 > development.
 > Lee Harper

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