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Re: Floating plants and fish eggs

Hi, Jeremy,

I'd like to try some of this frog bit. I have six A. poliaki that haven't
sexed out yet if you'd like to trade? I sent my A. poliaki to Catherine,
who is on the killie list, but they left some eggs behind.

Let me know when it gets warm enough for you to ship. I am in central
Texas, so it's unlikely that we'll even see snow this winter.

rda at tamu_edu

At 11:22 PM 2/12/00 -0800, you wrote:
>> I don't know frog bit, but if it's at all like Salvinia or Lemna it grows
>> quite fast, in which case you can remove the plants and eggs and all to a
>> new tank and wait to see how comes out.  This is what I used to do for my
>> dwarf gouramis since the fry love to hang out among the roots, so scooping
>> them out with a mug would get most of them.  Worth a shot, anyway.
>Not a bad idea, I just need more tank room now. I usually raise the
>newly hatched fry in small containers. frog bit is to big for that. Frog
>bit is made up of a cluster of leaves all meeting in the center. There
>are often 3-10 leaves. The size of the leaves ranges from dime -nickel
>as a normal size but can get as big as a quarter. This spring I will
>have so much of this stuff that I will compost about a gallon bucket
>every 2-4 weeks. If any one wants some then, let me know.
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