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Re: Columbus Help

Csinf at aol_com wrote:
> Kevin,
>     Have replied direct. It would help to know what state you live in.
> Allen McNealy in Virginia

Allen makes a good point. If I have an answer that would be of general
interest to the list, I will often just use the "Reply" button and send it
back to all.

If the answer is of limited or *local* use, I'll go to the nuisance of
changing the "Reply To:<the list>" to the original "From:" address, so it
only goes to the inquirer. [Once in a while, like all of us, I forget.] My
NetScrape mail editor makes the copy-paste thing unduly difficult. IDK about
others. If I fail to delete the list addy before pasting the new one, it
just comes back when I move to text areas, for instance. [And you thought IE
was buggy!]

One big exception to local answers is when the question comes from an
ambiguous location. Another is when the subject is ambiguous or confusing. 
Digests force inappropriate "Subject:" lines, for example. They should
*always* be changed before posting back to a list. I just don't bother to
read most posts with a subject like "Re: Digest #654."

Once upon a time, it was considered essential netiquette to always attach a
small .sig file to all postings to newsgroups and lists, giving some
alternate contact method and a guide to country, state, province or region.
That heads off advice to put guppies outdoors in N. Dakota in winter, etc.
AOL, and their partners in crime like Netcom, seem to have destroyed that
kind of decency on line and quit even covering it in their FAQs and Intro.
guides. Apparently *no* one reads Barry's sensible guidelines when they sign
up for this list, either.

I would hope we could voluntarily urge all to provide the good location info
and threadable Subjects to their posts so this problem is minimized. Just
like "unsubscribes" ignorantly sent to hundreds of list members, it will
never go away completely. [Urging young ladies to list their phone numbers
probably isn't going to get good results, either. ;-)]

Ob. killies: Just back from a long trip (1400 miles) to Preston NV to work
on some springfish/speckled-dace springs and to do species counts. It's high
desert country (5500 ft) and winter storms could have made it miserable. The
continuous storms broke for 2 days, and we had nice sun and pleasant work
conditions. Got a lot done. (^_^) My fish are hungry!


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