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Re: Bloodworms

Hi Joseph,
	hope you don't mind, but you conjured up such delightful imagery I
couldn't help laughing. I'm an asthmatic and get hay fever, so I do know
how it feels, but the thought of your frantic outburst at feeding time
had me giggling. 
	I think you confirm a long held belief that there is a bit of madness
in fishkeepers, why else would we put up with it all?

Joseph Ponnath wrote:
> Bruce,
> I was just going over the killietalk list for the last few days and I saw the
> thread on bloodworms affecting people. You mentioned that you have started
> making your people wear gloves and dust masks whenever they feed the
> bloodworms. I also have an allergic reaction to frozen bloodworms. My hands
> break out in tiny blisters and itch horribly. My reaction to freeze dried
> bloodworms is completely different though. I have fits of uncontrollable
> sneezing, but that's not the worst part. The dust gets in my eyes and causes
> conjunctivitis. It happened to me three times before I figured out what was
> going on. Unfortunately I stocked up a large supply of freeze dried
> bloodworms. What I do now is hold my breath, squint my eyes, and feed the
> bloodworms very quickly. I then immediately go upstairs, wash my hands and
> wait 15 minutes before going back to my tanks.
> I have not had a problem since.
> A long winded way of saying watch your people for eye problems if you are
> using freeze dried bloodworms. They may need to wear eye protection also.
> Joe
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