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Airstones as flow controllers

Thank you to those who have replied to my UGFs and Riccia thread.  Now  
here's another question:  one poster said that flow control is easier w/ air 
pump operated UGFs, and I know it can be done via gang valves, but would 
airstones also be another way?  For example, I would guess that coarse 
bubbles would move more water, but how would a fine bubble  stone like the 
wooden ones affect flow?  Would they be able to move the same amount of 
water as a coarse stone, but create less turbulence?  Someone also noted 
that a powerhead in a 10 gal would be extreme, and I would agree w/ this, 
except that my powerhead is a "mini" type, and only pumps something like 
60-70 gph.  In any case, I wasn't really going to use it for killies unless 
I found a way to convert it to a reverse flow unit to minimize turbulence. 
It was going to be for another plant growout/possible dwarf cichlid breeding 
tank.  I haven't used UGFs for about three years and have been given the 
impression that they were inefficient, messy, etc.  Obviously this is just 
opinion and preference, so since I'm going back to using them in the future, 
I'd like appreciate if any of you could share your ideas on setups using 
UGFs.  That is, just gravel and spawning mops, or peat and floating plants, 
etc.  And finally, in  a few months, would anyone  in the Pacific NW or west 
coast area like to exchange striatum eggs or fry so I can keep mine from 
inbreeding?  I'd need instruction on how to ship fry and/or eggs, but I 
would appreciate any help in this area too.
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