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RE: UGFs and Riccia

I've used UGLs for most applications for 40 years and see no reason to
change now.  Using an air pump instead of a power head allows much more
control over flow rates in small tanks.  A power head in a 10 would be
pretty extreme.

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"Jon Aquì" wrote:
> Hey, does anyone out there use UGFs for their tanks?  


> No flames if you
> don't, it's just a question.  

What? You wanna take all the fun out of it? ;-)

> I'm really asking about UGFs in larger tanks
> like 10gals and up.  Also, anyone try reverse flow UGFs?  I was thinking
> about trying that in a 10 for fry and plant growout, but would like to
> anyone else's ideas.  

I'm using one, now, but the lowest-power power-head I own gives too much
flow. :-(

> Mainly, such a tank would be for culturing a small
> bunch of Riccia I have, which brings me to another issue:  Does anyone use
> the "natural" tank setup, i.e., live plants in a permanent setup?  That is
> to say, fry grow up right alongside the adults, using the plants for cover
> and feeding off of the microfauna?  

Lots. It's the lazy way to do killies, and a surprising number can be done
that way. A ground cover of fibrous peat o/e is the best way for me to get
it to work. For some, like *Pseudepiplatys annulatus* it seems to be the
*only* practical way to do it. I kill their eggs like mad, if I try to pick
them, and can't get enough infusoria to the babies in a "sterile" tank.

> And does anyone use Riccia or Nitella?
> I'm looking for another bunch of either, mainly to experiment w/ which
> offers the best cover, growability in a given environment, and things like
> that.  

I use a little *Riccia fluitans* but Java moss (*Vesiculria dubyana*) is
superior in most ways, and tolerates the lower light that many killies
prefer. I also have a fair amount of *Utricularia* species (probably
*gibbiceps*) that looks like a good spawning medium. I may try it with my
pupfish. I don't like the way it eats infusoria, though.

There are more ways to breed and raise killies than there are killies, I
think. Nothing you suggest sounds particularly radical to me (other than
suggesting no flaming on a killifish list). :^)


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