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Shipping Aphyosemion and fundulopanchax eggs-no development?

I (in Pittsburgh, Pa.) shipped a package of Fundulopanchax (gardneri,
puerzli), Aphyosemion(spoorenbergi,  ogoense Kimono Yellow)and
Epiplatys(dageti) eggs to Argentina on Dec 10, nine weeks ago.  I packaged
them in fish bags in wet, Fluval brand peat fiber and put the bags into a
double styrofoam box with a heat pack in the outer box to get them to Miami,
via express mail,  before it got cold.  They went to a courier service in
Miami to certify them through Argentine customs(previous shipment, sent
straight to Argentina never got thru customs- crazy bunch in customs down
there).  They arrived in Argentina at the destination in Buenos Aires on Dec
23, after two weeks in transit.  I had done a similar shipment in the early
fall of E. dageti eggs straight to Buenos Aires that took three weeks with
some success.  Those eggs took another 3 weeks to develop and hatch, as if
they had a dormant period for some reeason(6 weeks+ for dageti seems a mite
There has been no development of the eggs from the December shipment.  All
are clear as new eggs, none developed or eyed up.  Discussing it with some
local AKA'ers brought up the idea that maybe the package was x-rayed, and
the eggs were thus sterilized  so they neither developed nor fungused.
Thing is, they were put in nonsterile tank water 9 weeks ago so they were
removed from the poterntially sterile (due to xray, if that were the case)
enviroment, yet neither dissolved nor fungused.  They just sit there.
Any ideas???
Bill Shenefelt

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