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While Barry's idea of annotations to JAKA CD is very good, WHO is going
to do them? It might turn out to be quite a job! 

What does one do, if 2 "authorities" disagree on an annotation? Publish
both? None?

Such "theoretical" questions must be resolved BEFORE the job is even
started, because only then will the decisions remain neutral! If the job
gets to the point where John says "A" and Jack says "B", then all
decisions will have to accout for the personalities involved -- what a
mess it's going to be!



Barry Cooper wrote:
> I don't think it would be a bad thing to correct obvious spelling mistakes,
> but changing old names to new and so on would completely destroy the
> historical value of the old JAKAs. Unfortunately, I don't think we can even
> change errors in nomenclature that were errors even when they are
> published. What could be done, although it increases the scope of the
> project immensely, is to add annotations that pop up on the screen giving
> information about the current name of the fish. This can be done in
> Acrobat. People have to realize that old journals are old journals. They
> have important information in them, but obviously they are not up to date.
> Some kind of intro on the CDs splash page would cover this. This project
> still has to be discussed by the BOT so nobody should get excited that it
> is actually going to happen, or not happen, or about how it
> is going to be done until we make a decision to do it, or not.
> Barry
> At 08:57 AM 2/9/00 -0800, you wrote:
>  >Csinf at aol_com wrote:
>  > > Mr. Fish,
>  > > So long as the original text is maintained, I see nothing wrong with an
>  > > addendum.
>  > > Allen
>  > > ---------------
>  >
>  >Great,
>  >that is the major fault of the ACA CD
>  >There are numerous misspellings, that have been carried over in the scanned
>  >text and fish names from 20 years ago do not always tie into names today.
>  >I am all for electronic media to help in the increase of knowledge of our
>  >little wet buddies
>  >
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