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BOUNCE killietalk at aka_org: Admin request of type /\bunsubscribe\b/i at line 8


I say right on to scanning all the JAKA and other Killi Material, I've paid 
plenty in sweat and taxes to the US government to not
feel guilty,

Heck were not taking a junket to Guiana are we?

On the unsubscribing list thing, well, how would you make sure it is the 
person to unsubscribe and not a guy like me who is tired
of seeing your tirades and puts you off the list for a prank.

Work it out,

but it seems to me that anyone smart enough to  read and run a computer, 
should be able to unsubscribe.  OF course I have not gone
to the unsubscribe form ever and wouldn't know how difficult it is.

Best Fishes,

Mr. Fish


See http://www.aka.org/AKA/subkillietalk.html to unsubscribe