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RE: Scanning and stuff

Well folks I hate to drag this topic back out, but I am now highly equipped to supply some good info. At risk of raising the
ire of Mr. Huntley, I would like to announce that I have gone to work for the government (sort of). I am now a hugely overpaid
contractor to the Bureau of the Census, and a part of the largest peace time mobilization in our countries history, the 2000
Decennial Census. It also happens to be the largest document scanning project in history :-) What I have found out is that
scanning all the AKAs old literature is really not nearly as big a deal as you guys think it would be. There are scanners that
scan front and back and could do a small journal (I have not seen any AKA literature so I do not know the size of your
journals) in a matter of minutes. The OCR and OMR (Optical Character Recognition and Optical Mark Recognition) software that
we are using is a product called CGK Recostar ( I think) and it has an error rate of less that 1%. Our system (I am a Sys
Admin so I think of it as mine) can even get the handwritten parts with amazing levels of accuracy. I am not volunteering yet,
but there is a chance that on my shift I may be able to scan a few dozen journals. We also have a CD printer that prints on
CDs and CD copier that can burn 10 or so at a time. This is all government property so they may not let me do this, but there
is a fairly good chance that I could make a big dent in your imaging project in a small amount of time. Heck, we are paying
for this stuff with our taxes we might as well use it.

On an unrelated note, I am considering writing a web page that will unsubscribe people from mailing lists. Does anyone know of
a reason why that would not work? The form would be simple and people would only need to choose the list from a drop down and
then enter their email address. The page would then fire off an email request to the appropriate server. Seems too easy
somehow, so maybe someone can save me a lot of time and show me why it wont work :-)

Scott McLaughlin

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