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Re: KillieTalk Digest V3 #66-hatching brine shrimp

Christopher Graseck wrote:
> Wright wrote
>  >Before using any in your killy tanks, be sure to check the pH of the
> >dissolved salt. You may find it so alkaline it can burn them if you have
> >soft water. IMHO, kosher, rock, or pickling salt (all hopefully pure NaCl)
> I have  had some trouble with the Kosher salt that comes in the big red box
> (sorry, cant remember the brand).  It literally kills my Java fern.  I'm not
> sure what additives are allowed under the Kosher labeling but I am convinced
> that there is something bad in there.

If you are in the US, it will certainly tell you right on the label what it

> I use Instant Ocean salt mix for both my bbs and for the tanks that get 1
> teaspoon /gallon.  True, it's not the cheapest thing in the world, but my
> Java ferns are doing much better since I switched.

That's no great surprise. Java fern is apparently an estuarine plant in many
places. I keep it in up to 50% sea water for my brackish fishes. It loves a
little sea water.

I suspect your previous losses were because your water was extra low on some
essential nutrient, not because of the kosher salt. [OTOH, I *have* heard of
some kosher salt with additives, so do read that box carefully.]

The only aquarium-harmful substance in *any* edible salt that I'm aware of
is the insoluble silicates in the better grades of table salt. The "iodide"
myth probably comes from the gill damage they cause.

"Iodized" salt that uses sodium ferrocyanide as the free-running agent (the
cheap generic brands) has proven to be quite safe. I know aquarists who have
used it for years with no trouble. [To avoid terrifying those learning
chemistry in mandatory government schools, they often call it "Prussiate of
Soda" on the label.]


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