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Re: In praise of peat plates.

Hi Wright,
	I've been told that some garden centres over here do them but I haven't
found one yet, but I'll give 'em a go if I do.

> Over here, we have a product called Jiffy Peat Pellets that are very
> economical compared to the peat plates. Each pellet expands to be about a
> cup of wet peat, when microwaved to boiling, and costs something like
> US$0.10-0.15 each in small quantity. They too are stick free, and provide a
> lot of fine stuff if you are doing small *Fundulopanchax* that like a lot of
> that. I rinse most of the fines out in a fishnet for my true annuals, so it
> stirs up less when they get overactive. For Fp. like FIL I just use a
> brine-shrimp net.
> Removing the plastic mesh *before* boiling saves burned fingers, I found.
> ;-)
> Wright
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