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Re: Where can I get invert cultures?

From: Jon Aquì

<Where can I get invert cultures?

    What town or city, what country do you live in John? Maybe there is a
killie group nearby - someone usually has daphnia. If that is not viable,
when the weather gets milder, one of us could sent you a starter. Daphnia
don't mail as well as killies, but could in pretty cool weather.

    As to your brine shrimp, are you referring to baby bs or adults? For
most of us, raising the somewhat related daphnias is easier, more efficient,
more productive and without the salt creep.

    Several weather plastic tubs and trash cans (30 to 40 gallons each) in
the shaded back yard, out of sight between the berry patch and the wood
pile, are pretty productive, especially if water is changed and the cultures
fed a little. Indoors an ancient 40 gallon breeder tank, set in a cool
corner on the floor (costing four dollars late in a local fish club auction)
is pretty productive. Feed is almost exclusively greenwater. Once in a while
a yogurt container gets tossed in after a snack has consumed as much as
possible. The goofy daphnia will congregate inside even cleaned out cups -
making for a quick harvest of a small volume of food.

    That tank has been more productive since I recalled having absent
mindedly flipped a single fish egg in there. The 5cm neon rainbow had done
quite well for himself when finally spotted. To be really productive an
airline with the hard tubing should be inserted (not with a really hard flow
of bubbles) and water changes more frequently done.

    Once in a while I will get one odd egg or so of a killie I want and that
fry will get tossed into a daphnia culture to brouse until it puts on some
size. Naturally one must watch what they harvest.

All the best!


PS to the list: Sorry about the double entry of a posting a little earlier.
The first copy was accidentally sent before it was finished. Just the aging
process - another warrenty running out!

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