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Re: Where can I get invert cultures?

Hello Nestor,

> Besides keeping killies I breed Angelfish and the spawns number in the > dozens if not hundreds sometimes, so feeding the fry the first 2 weeks > requires a lot of food. The only easy live food that I have been able > to use are "Vinegar Eels" unfortunately they stink to high heaven, but > on the plus side they are very prolific and with a shoe box you can   > breed enough to feed an army of baby fish.
> Nestor Oliveira

What do you use as culture medium for microworms?

I use unbreached corn meal, cooked, and sprinkled lightly with
Fleischman's dry active yeast. Generally the culture has NO odor, but
sometimes a slight fruity (or yeasty) odor develops. Not unpleasant.

It is possible, that the odor is a function of culture medium or, it
could be, of the species of microworms. In any case. my cultures do not
have an unpleasant smell.


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