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Re: Where can I get invert cultures?

I have been fooling around with cultureing Daphnia in 5 gallon plastic
buckets.  Seems to work well given the right amount of space, light, temp,
and access to greenwater (50+ gallons).  I have found that one could set
up a culture in 7 buckets, harvest/change water in 1 bucket a day and have
enough to feed about 3-4 tanks of fish.  I suppose the same could be done
in 55 gallon plastic drum, again in 7 different drums, etc.  Only need
more greenwater.  Same system can be used for moina (but they prefer warm
weather), rotifers (but then you need only 2 buckets and alternate
harvest).  The biggest problem is having enough greenwater (I use goldfish
in a well lit tank + spirulina flakes).  Also trying a similar system in a
150 gallon stock tank.  The daphnia are reproducing big time and they get
fed greenwater, C. Grimes's Baby Sweet Potato solution + spirulina+ALGAMAC
2000, etc.  Looks like they are doing well also.  Can't comment on harvest
yields at this time....


On Wed, 2 Feb 2000, Jon Aquì wrote:

> Alright, I'd like to feed my killies and other fish live foods.  Problem is, 
> I don't have any cultures, and I never have any luck w/ brine shrimp.  So, 
> does anyone know where I can get some starter cultures for any inverts?  I 
> don't even know what some of the best live foods are, but I'm really looking 
> for something that won't stink horribly, will be fairly easy to maintain, 
> and won't put a huge dent in my wallet.  Suggestions? I remember reading a 
> post somewhere (not here) about someone using a 5 1/2 gallon for daphnia, 
> gammarus, infusoria, and some other stuff and I was wondering if anyone else 
> used a similar "food tank" set up.  Thanks in advance.
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