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Announcing the new online store.

The American Killifish Association is pleased to announce the opening of 
their new Online Store, which ......... blah, blah.

Ok folks, I know I have been reading too many announcements on lists from 
vendors trying to hawk their wares.

Seriously, I have been promising myself for some time to revamp the AKA's 
online store. It is now open with links from the home page 
(http://www/aka.org/) and from the appropriate pages on the AKA site. 
Thanks to the BOT for supporting the development of this new approach.

The new store includes the ability to join the AKA (ie. membership apps), 
buy publications, and register for the convention. This is a database 
driven solution, which will make maintenance much easier. Each year, for 
example, I can just edit the various offerings for the convention in the 
database, and lo!

The need to provide online registration for Convention 2000 was a major 
driving force in getting this done, so I have to thank those @#&#*@*& 
people at SKS for giving me a really challenging set of "goods" to offer. A 
printable PDF file will also be available for those people who don't want 
to register online. I recommend you use the link from Online Registration 
for Convention  2000 is now available, as it will take you to a useful 
explanation of the options available.

In other words, Online Registration for Convention 2000 is now available. 
Get 'em while they're hot. This is a convention NOT to miss.

Have fun.

Barry J. Cooper, Prof., Dept. Biomedical Sciences, Cornell University
Current address: 27505 Riggs Hill Rd.
Sweet Home, OR 97386 (bjc3 at cornell_edu)
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